Pick #72: Between the Hobbit and LotR is...

The Hunt for Gollum. It's a highly professional fan-made film, made non-profit, for about 3000 pounds by Chris Bouchard and colleagues. Shot entirely on HD video. The film took two years to make, with over a hundred people working on it. Probably because it's so good, Tolkien Enterprises don't allow it to be sold (they have no stake in it), but do allow the film to be shown for free on the internet.

It's been around since 2009, and chances are that you heard of it. Over ten million views on Youtube. But if you have not seen it, you'll have something to watch for! Have a look how Aragorn eventually takes over captured Gollum from a horde of orcs. Worse, Uruk Hai. And be impressed by a very extended combat scene rivaling Boromir's demise in Peter Jackson's first Tolkien film.

True Tolkien fans also should be happy, as the writers did their best to stay faithful to the source, basing the story on appendices in Tolkien's books.

It's fourty minutes long - almost - so take your time.

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