Pick #14: I hit the Escapist with my Axe

Well, I hit on the Escapist by mouseclick, really. It's a web magazine for the gaming community, full of forums, columns, pro-gaming articles, movie reviews, game reviews, adds, more adds, and... gaming videos. And I don't mean game trailers. I mean true web movies. Weekly web movies. And another one every day of the week.

I already browsed over Doraleous in pick #12, but there are more. Many more. Not all as good, or as interesting. But worth a look. And that's probably the idea for the Escapist. To get as much traffic and public as possible. For the adds. For the industry. For the gamers. For the lobby groups. For the fun of it. Not necessarily in that order.

You know what? It works. The movie reviews are silly and zany, and ok. The Extra Credits video column about meta-gaming subjects, such as new laws coming up, or about the future of MMO's are quite informed, if not quite good. Rebecca Mayes is cute, musical and a bit weird. And so on.

But possible the strangest critter amongst the web movies is "I hit it with my axe". Which seems to be no more than a video log of a weekly role playing session. Which it is. But the players are female porn stars. No kidding. Sounds like marketing. Which it is. Sounds like "hey this is great, all those guys that can't find girls for their games - and here they are. And they're porn stars too! They'll watch that and drool all over the screen. Yeah.". Which it probably is.

Well... guys, these girls are just girls too. And it's just gaming sessions. So, you'll end up just watching someone else's slightly nerdy game. Which is... not your own game. So it's hard to follow and potentially boring. But hey, maybe there is hope, if even pretty adult movie actresses try to find an escape in some good ole role playin'.

Have a stroll at the Escapist. Just be back here before dinner.

Pictures borrowed under fair use policy from the Escapist magazine.

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  1. You neglected to mention Zero Punctuation. The guy rates digital games in a hilarious, insightful and machine-gun style fashion (he uses almost literally...zero punctuation).
    Definitely not a family show, and the faint of heart should cover their ears. But he's what brought me to The Escapist.