Pick #15: Free RPG Blog

Surely this is not the only role playing blog. There are quite a few others around. And very good ones too.

The Free RPG Blog of Rob Lang is one of those good ones. Rob used to be a proliferous writer, and I guess he will be again once his newborn start to sleep full nights. Figuring from the again increasing frequency of his posts, the kid sleeps better and better.

Rob has launched himself as a main protagonist of free role playing games on the internet. To help others write and publish more role playing games and stuff, and release these for free. He set himself to the task of reviewing as many free rpg's as he can. He did this on a weekly basis for well over a year – and now slightly less frequently. So he reviewed quite some.

The reviews are sweet, positive, inspiring, fun to read, and most of the time I end up downloading the games he picked. When Rob looks at the world there is a lot of good free stuff to be found. I am glad to say he also found Dark Dungeon.

And if that is not enough: Rob also organises competitions to write your own 24-hour role playing game. He administrates forae for a role play community. He writes the Icar RPG. And he's a father.

The only qualm I may have is that Rob does not actually play (most or any) of the games he reviews. He just reads the rules. He does that very well, and fair I think. But one still has to guess how playable a game really is in practice. Then again, if he really had to playtest, we'd have to pay and support the man to do this job full time!

Have a look at the Free RPG Blog. Browse it a bit. And be inspired to write your own game. Or test something you wouldn't have dreamed of.

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