Pick #17: Star Wars Cops

Now I have had a look at the Star Wars RPG, I might also alert you to another golden oldy. Maybe you know it, but I'll chance that. It's really good.

Have you ever wondered how the first Star Wars story (I mean episode IV) looked from the Storm Trooper perspective? Have a look at Troops, and you'll know. It's like a reality show that follows the local police force (the Storm Troopers), who have to solve all sorts of trouble on the street. Or in the desert. See how they handle the Jawas that stole R2D2 and C3PO, or Luke Skywalkers godparents.

Director Kevin Rubio made so much fame with the parody that Lucasfilm asked him to do a comic for them. Lets just hope our boys in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't too much like the “everyday heroes” in his spoof...

And if you liked this... have a look at this list.

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