Brugghes Campaign #7a: Message to Gelion

The following message was found in the personal archives of the Burghermaster of Brugghes, Heer Richard Gelion III. It was sent shortly after the aggressive attacks on the Church of Our Lady and the Thyssen estate.

Mein Herr Gelion,

Regrettedly I have to confess that you are superior to me for now. For my love of Brugghes I will warn you without cost: beware of Anglia and her fleet. We will meet again, I promisse.

Until that time,


F. H. probably refers to Francois Haselman, the second man to Richard Gelion in both the Main Council and the Shadow Council of Brugghes. Haselman was involved in trying to stop the attempted theft of the relics (Saintly bones) kept in the Church of Our Lady. Shortly after the attacks a fleet of Anglian navy vessels and buccaneers threatened to blockade the Scheldt and the Honte See, effectively blocking the Brugghes sea outlets.

picture in public domain, courtesy Wikipedia


  1. Yeah I'm curious to find out what happened to Brugges afterwards? Was the blockade resolved?

  2. "found"? How? I am not sure who the designation III refers to, but Gelion Prime would not let anyone "find" anything in his personal archive. Nothing intelligible at least. If it's drahcir I guess his complacency is finally catching up with him big time...