Pick #24: Dark Dungeon... different again!

No, we aren't finished with same name games yet. "Dark Dungeon" is a popular title indeed.

This time it's a tile mini-game, where you play a group of Dungeon delvers looking for treasure to loot and monsters to slay. A tile game is a game where the board is gradually built from game tiles. This creation, and a host of expansions was written by Robert Hemminger of Bad Baby games. See if you can find his linkedin photo - he looks like a real wizard. Avalon published, and you can buy the (fairly cheap) pdf's here for example. You'll have to print and cut and paste the game before you play though. And since there are hundreds of parts, that's quite a lot of work.

This Dark Dungeon dates from 2006, ours from 1989. Ours is an pen and paper RPG. This is a solo tile game. Otherwise it's easy to be confused. At boardgamegeek they list our old website for the tile game, so... they couldn't figure it out at first either.

But tile Dark Dungeon also looks like a slightly silly, pretty little game, and part of the proceeds goes into KIVA loans, so I won't sue. Yet ;-)

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