News #7: Happy 2009!

Happy 2009! The year 2010 was a prosperous year for the citizens of Nirdday and Htrae, and we hope the same will be true for this year. Since the fortysecond black september of 2012, and the subprime Doomstone crisis that preceded it during 2015-2013, and the twin towers of Brugghes attacks by the Movement, our world has thankfully survived, and we are still at peace with Eurasia.

For those of characters and players among you who are from worlds where the calendars do not count down,

HAPPY 2011!

And now for a commercial break:

This is the year ***static***
You will not be saved by ***static***
In fact you will not be ***static***

*ZZZAP!* (change channel to something silly)


  1. Let's all go to the lobby/
    Let's all go to the lobby/
    Let's all go to the lobby/
    And get ourselves a treat!


  2. Wait, did I miss a calender retcon somewhere? :-P

    Happpy (insert your preferred arbitrary calender year here)!