Pick #26: Stargazer's World Blog

Michael wolf (not the photographer - I think, nor the economist) is a German IT and video professional, and a role player and game designer. He started writing Stargazer's World in summer 2008, and since he and his international guest writers are closing in on a thousand posts. That's about a post per day. Don't worry, it's not in German, but in plain English.

Many of the posts are thoughtful and educated, with the ones by Stargazer himself being most mild. Stargazer is also a good spare time game designer, and it shows. Sunglar from Puerto Rico seems to be more of a hard core D&D game master, but his love of the game also shines through. Youseph from Alaska has the more commercial posts - but then he writes a lot for the Free Stuff Friday. That's something like this "picks" category. Or maybe he receives more of the proceeds from sponsors. Dunno.

Anyway, the blog is full of reviews, links, news, ramblings, odds and ends. And it's fairly European in tone, or at least international. I find myself regularly returning. And that's also without the feeds. Have a stroll through and see what you think.

- Images gratefully borrowed from Stargazer's world. Naturally.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jaap! I am glad you enjoy the blog.

  2. As a fellow stargazer, Thanks!!!