News #10: Happy GM's Day, and Come on Player's Day!

Happy Game Masters Day!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about. It's not because Gygax died, on this day a few years ago. He died after the idea of GM's day was coined. But he chose well, and died on no better day thinkable. Because this is the day that harried and misunderstood hard working, hard blogging, hard preparing, sleepless, underestimated, handsome or not so handsome, never-boring and ever-boring refereeing, storytelling, slightly-sadistic, mostly-fair-but-always-in-for-other-ways-to-take-away-your-magic-items, geeky, nerdy, lovable or not so lovable, domineering, bored, overworked, silly, ever-plotting, games-buying, book-shelving, dice-rolling, monster-creating, dungeon-building, adventure-minded, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera GAME MASTERS are supposed to get an extra thought of their players.

On the other hand, players try to bribe me with delectable food, eyewinks, cups of coffee, cuddles, phone calls, praise and long emails much of the time anyway. I guess I'm lucky... Keep it up lovable players!

Let's start thinking about a harried, hardworking, ever-lovable, ever-patient, creative, plot-and-riddle-solving, role-playing, wisecracking, doodling, never-admitting-how-bored-you-are, I-kill-it-with-my-axe, Oogah-oogah, I-rolled-a-twenty-no-really-I-did, oops-fumble, keep-your-fingers-off-my-holy-dice, that-was-coffee-on-my-character-sheet, oh-I-forgot-my-character-sheet, how-many-xp-is-that, etcetera etcetera etcetera PLAYERS DAY!
They deserve a special day just as much.

So how about 9/11. Or was that already taken?

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