Pick #34: Land of NOD

No, I don't mean the biblical Land of Nod where Cain fled after he clobbered his brother Abel. I mean the role playing blog with the same name.

Although I suspect that Las Vegas based author John "Matt" Stater does allude to this biblical land. Nod means "the place where you keep wandering", and that's what you might do on this blog. There is lots of artwork - both bootlegged and attributed, and sometimes even commisioned - and an ever growing pile of ideas, classes, myths, locations, monsters and general stuff. The Land of Nod is huge. Try this:

"1817. A tall hill of gray stone dominates the landscape. It is topped with several menhirs that jut out at odd angles. An ancient vampiric chief of the Magog is interred within this hill along with a bodyguard of wights. The tomb is accessible from the top of the hill via a small opening near the base of a menhir. One must wriggle through the opening to reach an ante-chamber ringed with menhirs carved with undulating, swirling patterns that cause nausea when stared at for too long. Secret doors from this chamber give access to the deeper recesses of the tomb. Wandering monsters in the barrow include mites, molds, wights and zombies. At the heart of the complex is the tomb of the vampiric chief, kept in a deep slumber in a coffin of silver in the middle of a pool of holy water."

And that's just an entry in the Venatia area - featured in the free pdf issue #6 last december. See the number 1817? You can get LOST for ages in Matt's imagination!

Not that I want to. But there is a certain charm to the site that keeps me returning. Even if Matt's free Pars Fortuna game is a bit too zany for me, with orange furred humans and humanoid pangolins for player characters...

Have a look, and see if there's something there you want. You might even meet the lost tribes of Cain somewhere along.


  1. Thank you sir. Nod primarily refers to the land of dreams (i.e. nodding off to sleep), but it works either way.

  2. Nodding off to sleep :-) Hadn't thought of that one. I was wondering, do many people download and use your supplements? cheers