Pick #35: Geomorphs

Now I haven't used miniatures for gaming since 1990 or so - at least not on a regular basis. My combats are far too chaotic for that, and I find (although some players may not agree with me) that the chaos of real combat is conveyed much better by just visualizing it in your head. While resorting to a drawing or some improvised miniature setup with cups and dice only once in a while.

Nonetheless, I still love watching maps and... geomorphs. Geomorphs are tiles you can interlock into a bigger map, just as you see fit. A puzzle that always works but looks different every time. Dungeon geomorphs also can be a great way to whip up an underground tunnel system in seconds.

So, where do you find them without shelling dollars? By drawing them yourself! Or...

Have a look at the Geomorph mapping project by Dyson Logos... the centennial efforts of Risus Monkey, or at doodling enthousiast Stonewerks. They're all very good. And they seem to love using their pencils. Dyson also loves making characters. And Dizzy dragon used his geomorphs in an online adventure generator seen in an earlier pick. Doodle on guys!


  1. One more (for the "Lankhmar City of Adventure" map)


  2. Jaap - I just hoped to mention that along with Dyson, Risus Monkey, and Stonewerks mentioned above, several other geomorph artists (myself included) have geomorph tiles featured in a map generating web app. (http://davesmapper.com/)

    Please check it out and see if perhaps your audience will find it useful!

  3. Hi Dave! Just scroll back a few posts and you'll see I found you a few days back ;-)


    @Bite: I'm not sure about the copyright status of these morphs, but cool!