Free Adventures: Ammersfurt #24

The Secret of Ammersfurt is a free role playing supplement for the Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed game. Every week for thirty-five weeks, you'll get new bits for the Ammersfurt adventure setting, like monsters, NPC's, locations, skills, character templates, role play tips, and so on. And also every week, you'll get an adventure seed, which you can turn into a weekly adventure.

Adventure Seed 24: The Fishermans Catch

When fishermen from Spackenburgh pull in their nets with a prticularly heavy catch they are in for a surprise. In their nets there is the body of a woman. They may have a problem here. Who is this woman? The fishermen send a request to at least one of the heroes they befriended to help solve the matter. The fishermen would not want to be condemned for a murder they didn't commit, for example. Naturally all heroes will join to help.

Download the twentyfourth part of The Secret of Ammersfurt here!

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