OSR Experiments #28: Werespider Woman

Impressed by Evan's monsters from In Places Deep, and noticing that my vacation brought down my average number of posts, I thought I'd do a conversion of his Goblin Spider for Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed. Cheers, and watch out for friendly old ladies!

Werespider Woman

"Grandmother Spider brought us here on this world and she watches over us still. We should be thankful. But there are also sisters, wicked sisters she left behind, and some of their spawn also reached our reality. Now they lurk on the borders, in forests deep, on the edge of civilisation. Wolf spiders the size of a small horse, who can change their appearance and shape to that of a sweet old hag. Venomous, deadly, always hungry, in a lair full of rotting corpses. You should watch for them, for they can hide themselves blending in the shadows, or speak with a honey voice and lure you to sleep. They are evil. I repeat, they are evil."
from Travels in the Dark Lands

DD2: spider form: dexterity  3, venomous bite 8 (class 2), chitinous armour 2+1 (3),
when bitten roll 9+ on CON to avoid a Critical wound in the chest caused by the venom

DD2: human form: charm 3, sleep magick 4, invisibility 4 

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