Pick #65: Free ZInes... and more ZInes

- What's a zine?
- It's a fanzine.
- Fantazine?
- A fantasy fan magazine. And role players have quite a few of them. Like blogs. Wow, do they have a lot of blogs! You know, sometimes I think I'll start reading them all and then...
- It won't work Jake. It won't work. You'll have turned into a dummylich before you reached the end of them. Besides, you need to master a few games first.
- Oh yeah, right. Mind if I use a Zine for some inspiration?
- Please do Jake.

For old school zines have a look at the excellent aggregated list at Rended Press by English Professor Matthew Schmeer. Or profit from some currently, temporarily free Zines. Here's Fight On! Issue #2, with some nice pieces on wilderness adventures, one of them by James Grognardia Maliszewski, and a new player character class - the pinguin.

- Sorry, no pinguins for me. I'll shoot them on sight.
- I'll send Animal Planet after you if you do.
- Good. I'll shoot them too.
- This is going nowhere.

And another Zine, Oubliette,  is on DriveThru. They also give away some issues for free at the moment because of happy demand. And others cost only a few dollars. So, have another read while you're in the sun. Or rain.

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