pick #10: Beauty in the Eye...

Beauty lies in the Eye of the Beholder. Even if in this case, the beholder is a demonic creature from the deep.
Waterdeep, in fact, a creature from beneath the town of Waterdeep.

Eye of the Beholder is a dungeon crawler computer adventure made by SSI, for Dungeons & Dragons. Okay, twenty years ago, in 1990. But I still have fond memories of it. When we first laid hands on it, we built a party of our favorite player characters - the same ones we played in Dark Dungeon during weekends. And then we set out to rescue the town of Waterdeep. Or at least bash as many monsters on the way as we could, and collect all sorts of treasure while solving the puzzles of the game. Until next morning if we had to.

But why talk of such an old game, just nostalgia? No. If you are a webbook owner like I am, you may sometimes yearn for a game that its slow processor can handle. And old games are typically... slow enough!

Eye of the Beholder is such a game, which runs sweetly on an EEE-PC. And better than that, you can now download it for free here.Or you may search for parts one, two and three here, or here.

Pure portable nostalgia.

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  1. This game is from a time when I wasn't using computers yet. But a nice irony is that my current D&D group plays in Waterdeep and all the other locales that make up the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.
    So: plus ca change, as they say.