OSR Experiments #12: Baron of the Spinward Marshes II

Yes, I'm still busy converting the sample adventure of DD Lite rules to D&D stats. And see what's left afterwards. I'll just give you the D&D stats for the remaining NPCs.

Alicia, 0 level human girl, Dexterity 13, 1d6 hit points

Captain Roy Rumble, 1st level fighter, Wisdom 12, Charisma 7, 1d8 hit points

John, 0 level human, Intelligence 13, 1d6 hits

Mike, 1st level fighter, Strength 13, Dexterity 12, 1d8 hits

That some detail is lost comes with the change. And listing a dexterity of 12 seems rather superfluous in D&D, as it means nothing special. In DD dex 2 means that you can avoid being hit at 40% instead of 20%. That is meaningful. But dex 12 is just average. Maybe Mike should have a Dex of 16, with a bonus of +2 for armor class and missile fire. I don't know. Seems overkill too.

The Baron's ghost would probably be best represented by a Wight. A modified type of Wight maybe.

Baron's Ghost, AC 1 (plate mail), HD 3, damage 1-8 +2 by sword, or energy drain on touch, levitate multiple objects once per day

The energy drain never was part of the Dark Dungeon baron, but in D&D it would make sense, and give something extra. Also, it would make sense to add some D&D type treasure. Because the simple items suggested for DD would be much to scanty for the experience needs of the average party.

Rolling for treasure type B gives me 7000 copper pieces, 2000 gold pieces, and four gems of 10, 50, 100 and 500 gold pieces worth respectively. These could be the buried treasures written about in the scenario. Suddenly I remember how hard it was to carry all this stuff without a bag of holding :-)

Poor adventures if they use the bag of devouring found in Thargan's ship for this purpose.

And finally, there might be a pack of swamp wolves. For the stats I'll just use those of the wolf, and I'll describe them as stinking, muddy, scaley creatures for effect.

Swamp wolves # 2-12, AC 7, HD 2+2, MV 180', bite D 1-6, Morale 8, Alignment Neutral

The wolves are a bit stronger than those in DD, but otherwise they're wolves. Simple monsters stand conversion from system to system relatively well.

Hm. Now I look at all those stats and treasures, I'm missing yet one thing for the real D&D feel. A map and key of a dungeon. The dungeon is really the heart of the D&D game. Maybe I should draw one and populate it with a few monsters more. I'll think about that.

Anybody out there who cares to draw a map of the Baron's tower for me?
If you like, you can stock it with some extra stuff too.

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