Pick #51: MMORPGRR Wisdoms

No, I don't play MMORPGRS. Massive Online Role Playing Games. With graphics. Like EverQuest, or World of Warcraft. I don't play. I don't have the time. But I do marvel at the phenomena.

I even imagined building something like it when I was studying Computer Sciences in 1984. And I spent a lot of time thinking about the AI (artificial intelligence) needed behind them. But graphics were not up to standards then. And by the time the graphics were, my interests in gaming by computer had waned. I need the face to face contact I guess.

Ahem. Face to face, said the writer in his Blog. A well.

Recently I found that there are quite a few blogs about WoW, EQ and other MM... you know, out there. I listed over 250 on the Dark Dungeon Vaults already, if you're interested.

And there's 100 wisdoms by Dwarf Priest. Surely one of the best read WoW blogs out there before Dwarf Priest kinda quit. They're fun, even if you do not play.

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  1. I have a couple of EQ2-related blogs bookmarked but I find that I usually just check their headlines in my RSS feed. They're either too pedantic (I can gripe on my own well enough) or trying to hard to be hilarious.
    Nowadays I stick mostly to newsflash sites like http://eq2wire.com/
    Hot news items generate a lot of comments usually, and I do scan through those.