Pick #48: What the %&#$ is OSR???

For those of you who read Cyclopaetron or Grognardia daily, this may still be a philosophical question. OSR has many faces, so what is it? Good question, but I will not try to answer that one... this time.

For those of you who were confused by the term in the first place... I thought it would be wise to give a few places where I found helpful information at the time I was confused and bewildered myself. At least you then may know what these guys are talking about.

The first is the hopeful and excellent Quick Primer for Old School Gaming by Matthew Finch. I thought it was a very hopeful booklet, and a manifesto for having fun instead of blindly obeying rules. Clear written and enlightening.

The second is a series by Down Under writer "Austrodavicus". Its called The Old School Renaissance is Dead, and it's pretty much a plea for why the OSR is actually alive. Even if ofttimes bickering. And it's also a nice research into a history of the "movement".

The third is a wrap up of the rants by rpgpundit, pretty much wrapping up what one might have against the OSR. One needs to see different sides to the argument, anyhow.

And a fourth is... have a look at Cyclopaetron's list of OSR blogs- and click a few. You'll get the idea.

Maybe you'll even like it :-)

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