Pick #45: Impressive Swordplay

I already mentioned them a few weeks ago, but Gladiatores are worth more than one look. They're a group of german enthousiasts who train with real swords, and try to recreate the dueling techniques of the middle ages and renaissance. And they're *%#&@* impressive.
If you ever thought only the Japanese had intricate fighting technique, look and think again. You might even want to role play a cavalier swordsmaster or swashbuckler after you've seen these.

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  1. OK I swore beforehand that I wouldn't be a total geekboy and post on the techniques but...
    The way the left guy in the topmost clip is holding his blade with bare hands (in the disarm/follow-up routine where he's smacking his opponent with the pommel)...that's just silly. Dude you'd cut your hands on the sharp of your own blade!