Pick #47: Tolkien Society

No, I don't mean our western society is a Tolkien Society, with hidden orcs, secret elves and Balrogs for president. Although that might be cool, come to think of it.

It's just that the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor has a special festival this weekend, to celebrate 30 years of its existence. I'll check it out, and perhaps tell you more about it. Basically, a Tolkien Society is a group of enthousiasts sharing their hobby with eachother - studying Tolkiens works, dreaming about Middle Earth, learning Elvish, figuring out where Tolkien got his inspiration from, dressing up like someone from Gondor, drinking mead, writing plays about Turin, telling stories and just being sociable. They might even talk about the Jackson movies, or do a reenactment of Numenorian soldiers.

I'm not sure if there are many role players there - but they might be. I'll find out.

The Dutch are certainly not the only ones to have a Tolkien Society. It's pretty likely that there's also one in your country. The English have their yearly Oxonmoot with their Tolkien Society, the Germans have the DTG, and the Swedes were there first with their Tolkien Society in 1968. Only when the British followed they added "of Sweden" to their name. Doing some internet searching will surely turn up your own country's group, if you're interested. And then visit other country's societies in an exchange program. You might even meet me.

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