Free Adventures: Ammersfurt #14

The Secret of Ammersfurt is a free role playing supplement for the Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed game. Every week for thirty-five weeks, you'll get new bits for the Ammersfurt adventure setting, like monsters, NPC's, locations, skills, character templates, role play tips, and so on. And also every week, you'll get an adventure seed, which you can turn into a weekly adventure.

Adventure Seed 14: the Crossmass Relic

It is around Crossmass time, when the days of the year are shortest.
Gretchen Mariadottir, an immigrant girl at the Ursuline convent has had recurrent dreams of a gilded cross made of dragon bone. Every time she dreams of it, she sees that is hidden in a chapel, and that a hooded monk in black is protecting it. A voice in her dreams keeps repeating that it must be brought back to save Ammersfurt. The cross appears to be the lost cross of St. Martin. Our heroes, burghermaster and the masters of St. Joris convene with Gretchen to figure out what to do. Is the vision real? Where is this chapel then?

Download the fourteenth part of The Secret of Ammersfurt here! 

Artwork repro in public domain, St. Martin by El Greco. 

PS If, by chance you feel it is silly to play a winter time adventure during early summer, by all means change your date of play in the real world or the game world, or move to the Southern Hemisphere.

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