Pick #52: Rogue Space is Out There

Sometimes it seems to me that every RPG blog out there is actually a showcase for another new role playing game. My own blog is no exception. Rogue Space is another one. But it's also one of the more interesting ones. The Rogue Space RPG is a nifty, simple bare bones science fiction system by C. Brandon. One you might actually try out for an evening, because it's so simple. And because it has a few unexpected features. Like alternative ability scores. No STR, DEX and CON here. But Fighting, Acquiring, Scientific, Empathy and Repairing. Who knows, this small difference might spin a whole different game experience. Rogue Space is downloadable for free, in two versions (normal and wander rules). And there's a small but packed supplement too: Aliens & Androids. Have a look, if you dare, 'cause there's a whole new universe right next door.

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  1. Thank you very much for taking time to not only give RS a spin, but to write such kind words about it!