OSR Experiments #17: The Hog Men

Following up the Panzer Bear experiment last issue, I encountered Pig Men on Digital Orc. So, why not do a similar trick and give it another "The World Beyond" spin?

The Hog Men

TWB stats:

Clobbering with Fists 5     (weapon class 4, fist + 3 STR)
Armour Class: 4 (fat leathery skin+3 CON)
STR 3, DEX 3, CON 3, INT -2, APP -4

Numbers: 1 to 6

"Hogs and men are genetically closer than apes and men" the wizardress Circe said. And she demonstrated how close they were by transforming Ulysses' men into hogs. Or more specifically into hog men. Aggressive, boisterous, rude, fat and dead ugly creatures. Their minds were completely gone, and all they enjoyed was filth, violence and horror.

Some say Ullyses talked Circe in returning his men back to normal. Others say he saw little difference from what his men were before, and he still sails the seven seas in his ghostly ships, and his murderous crew of... the hog men.

Thanx to Dylan for the first creepy idea.


  1. Thanks for the nod. Nice reference to circle, too. I did think about it.

  2. That is Circe. My Android makes me dispel things. Well, that and the glass of orc scotch I just drank. Anyway, ill be back to your blog, nice job and cool pic!