Pick #55: Real Flashing Blades

A few posts ago I already introduced you to rather %$#&! impressive swordfighting in European style, twice. This time, I stumbled on another frantic fight video - of real medieval technique. I was actually showing my eight year old daughter what you can do with real swords, if you train well enough so that you don't hurt eachother. She kind of fancies a rather realistic stage fencing epee that lies around the house, so why not? So, I showed her the gladiatores - and then I also saw this one by the fencing guild of Trnava in the Czech Republic.

I first thought they sped the camera up. But they didn't. Have a look.


  1. Incredible to watch. Definitely makes you want to think again about RPG combat.

  2. Did they perhaps start with Kendo? Some of the techniques look very similar and the way they hold the strike when it lands is reminiscent of the same...

    Also - check out the ARMA guys from the US - their freeplay videos are really awesome to watch.