OSR Experiments #20: Winged Syren

As a nod to Ancient Vaults I thought I'd do another conversion and messup to Dark Dungeon rules and mythology. Here 't is.

Winged Syren

The winged syrens or "Seethers", named after the wyzard who first encountered them near the hellish depths of the Etna volcano, are extremely beautiful women-like, bat-winged demonoids. Master Seeth's expedition never returned, but his writings did survive. According to him, the winged syrens are protectresses of Coatlicue, the goddess with the "skirt of snakes".  Coatlicue was the one that gave birth to mankind, and saved those who travelled between the stars and gave them new life. But most depict her as an insatiable monster that consumes everything that lives, with two snake heads and foul wings.

The seether priestesses fly high above the smoldering lava, and breathe the sulphurous fumes as if they are one with them. They are about human sized, with wings extending fifteen feet from tip to tip. Whether they can interbreed with mankind is unknown. In all probability they will just attack from above, and render their hapless prey before they can resist. Master Seeth descibes how one of his guides was picked up and held in a crushing and kissing embrace while he was lifted high, and then dropped down in the pits of Hell.

STR 5, DEX 6, APP 5, magickal seduce 5, flight 5, hug and lift / bite 8 (weapon class 1),
breathe befuddling fumes 5 (short range only, single target, target must evade or resist on WIL or CON to avoid being charmed in a state of bliss, which makes it impossible to attack or resist. this effect only wears off after a few hours or immediately once the victim is painfully wounded)

UPDATE Chgowiz didn't do the Ancient Vaults site - but Bat. Thanx to you :-)


  1. Not bad at all! As a sidenote, I am not ChicagoWiz, he was just kind enough to alphabetize my spells and organize them by level, I do go by bat.

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  3. Xcuse me Bat @ Ancientvaults :-) And thanks for YOUR efforts as well! ;-)

  4. I do like the write-up a lot, I must say, it truly is quite well done!