Free Adventures: Ammersfurt #20

The Secret of Ammersfurt is a free role playing supplement for the Dark Dungeon 2nd Ed game. Every week for thirty-five weeks, you'll get new bits for the Ammersfurt adventure setting, like monsters, NPC's, locations, skills, character templates, role play tips, and so on. And also every week, you'll get an adventure seed, which you can turn into a weekly adventure.

Adventure Seed 20: The Assault

As the last snow is falling, a large army from Gelre is moving toward the city gates on the east side of Ammersfurt. Quickly the footbowmen and guards gather at the walls. The knights of St. Joris rally on their horses, and the burghermaster speaks to the troubled citizens on the Hof. Does this mean war? Is Gelre rally going to attack? It seems so.

Download the twentieth part of The Secret of Ammersfurt here!

Art repro public domain, Siege of Zierikzee by J.W. Kaiser.

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