Pick #61: Diorama Heavens

Personally I'm not that into miniatures. They take time, space, and space... and time. And I never seem to be able to paint them as I think they should be painted.

But I do enjoy seeing dioramas and tiny works of art. Some of them pretty amazing, some of them astonishing, some just miniature, some just lead or plastic. So, while indexing even more sites for the Dark Dungeon Vaults, I spotted a few avid diorama builders I was really stunned by. I almost wanted to seriously pick up painting minis myself.

There's Scotts Wargaming, with some very impressive Pirates of the Caribbean inspired sets. Don't let the Sauron pic above his blog fool you, he can do a lot more.

Tim Eagling of Timmys Conflicting Interests is both a diorama builder and a reenactor. And a steampunk fan. And... he works on Warhammer, and... Well he has quite a few beautiful pics - so I guess he's a good photographer too.

Dampf's Modeling Page again by a Brit, Tony this time, shows a lot of his alternative historic mini buildings - and precise painted minotaurs.

And Plastic Legions also impressed me. By sheer numbers of minis, and massive army pic after massive army pic. Many well painted too.

There's many more, but these stood out for me as a non-miniature gamer. Have a stroll on their blogs if you ever thought of picking up a paint brush.

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