Pick #62: FUDGE may not be Old Style, but it's good for Lazy Gaming

This may be a longish title for a pick post, but well... gotta draw your attention to Fudge anyway. To my shame I must admit that I never actually played the Fudge system. But it did always intrigue me.

Steffan O'Sullivan, a GURPS writer, authored the game more than fifteen years ago, as an easy system. And you might see it as a kind of GURPS lite. Simpler, without the numbers, but still generic and applicable to every genre. You have to supply the background yourself, but there are rules for magic, psionics, and some examples of what you can do.

Fudge to me seems to be both more role play oriented, and good for lazy game masters. Because you use descriptor words, like "scratched", or "injured" or "great" or "terrible", you might stay closer to telling an exciting story. There's less chance of using jargon or getting lost in number crunching.

Since it's a nineties game, you can hardly call it an Old Style game, but it is in a sense an attempt to make gaming simpler again.

So, why didn't I play Fudge? Don't know. There are a few GM's I know who do use it, and they were happy. It adapts fairly easily to every genre, they say. Also, there is still a dedicated Fudge community out there. So if you never tried, have a look at this golden oldie. It's still available for free in pdf, though you can buy it in paperback too.

Perhaps, if you're interested, I'll do a test run and review it, with today's gaming in mind. Let me know.

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