Pick #63: Kings Quest Revisited... and yes I know it's a Computer RPG

It's 1984. One of the first computer adventures. One of the first graphic computer games. One of the first games on the march to change the face of table top-roleplaying. Into lap-top roleplaying.

Well, almost anyway. I'm still confused that I have to explain what D&D is by referring to World of Warcraft. "You know World of Warcraft? Well, D&D is just like it, only without a computer." It seems like the world is upside down. This used to be the other way around, right?

King's Quest was a Sierra game series which was hugely succesful. Until Shoot-em-ups and eventually MMORPG took over. They were puzzle games. And the graphics were revolutionary. At that time. Now, they're not.

A group of programmers named Anonymous Game Developers Interactive decided to give the games a new life, and remake the first three parts of the series up to the standards of Kings Quest V. With SVGA graphics, speech and an improved engine. For Free. And they succeeded - as you might know, because the first one already has been downloaded half a million times since re-release in 2002. Or you might not know, like me.

In that case, have a look at Kings Quest I, Kings Quest II, and Kings Quest III. New old style.

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