Pick #60: Firefly RPG goes AWOL

Remember that I was grieved that once I found out there was a Firefly game, publisher Margaret Weis pulled the product? Well, here's someone else who might have thought the same thing, and he cooked up his own version of a Firefly RPG. And posted it for free.

I'm talking about WrathofZombie, who also likes burgers and zombies. Not necessarily in that order or mix, I figure. He wrote a game on zombies too. But concentrating on the Firefly game - it looks fair, with many pages and some bootlegged photos.

Rules are based on Green Ronin's AGE, or more particularly Dragon Age, and Mike Evans (WoZ) makes no secret of it. Copyrights are respected, but this game is produced without permission. The game is free, fan fiction game, and I'd say some good free advertising for a canceled great TV series, a canceled Firefly game, and a nice publisher.

Have a look and see if it helps you running the 'Verse.


  1. Thanks for taking a gander and linking my Firefly game:) Yeah, the game is produced without permission, but as you said I announce that from the get go and I have posted it on the Green Ronin forums from day one and was never told not to.

    I think from a stand point it is a good thing for all involved. I encourage people to get the AGE system and people to either discover the awesome that is Firefly, or keep up the love that the show is kick ass and killed way before it's time. :)

  2. Very Nice. I've added it to the pile of things to review! Cool!