A-Z for World Nirdday: D for Doomstone

D is for Doomstone, the radiant green ores used in the fashioning of grinder bombs, and the empowering of magical devices. A side product of doomstone, third grade derivative powder is mixed in with charcoal and sulphur to make thunderdust – the black explosive powder used in firearms, grenades and cannon. Doomstone is highly toxic, and may cause Vampyric disease and amok rage among humans. It may kill elves. Only Uruk and Dragons seem relatively unaffected. The doomstone is only found in a few mines, most of them very close to the magick walls across the land. Because it is so valuable, and the mining so dangerous, doomstone certificates have been given out by the owners giving limited mining rights. These certificates were also used in great quantity to refinance the Ferdanic state debts.

Picture gratefully borrowed - here's how you can actually make this Doomstone stuff and eat it.

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