A-Z for World Nirdday: K is for Kaiser

K is for Kaiser, the title of the Emperor of Gross Ferdan. It may also be spelled Caesar (and is pronounced as in Keyser Soze). Current Kaiser Ferdinand took over the position from his uncle Karl V at the end of the last War of Destruction. Unfortunately he not only inherited the most powerful army and empire of the west, he also inherited the biggest debts of any state so far. These debts, together with the war reparations to be paid to the Royaume de Keo, ImperiMor, Danemark, Brugghes and Anglia proved to be so crippling to his position that he has found little room to maneuver politically. Also, his country falls further and further into disrepair, and as silver and gold flow out of the country, Ferdinand has a hard time to avert impending civil war. He is desperate for heroes and champions to help him out.

Art by Tiziano (Titian)

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