A-Z for World Nirdday: G is for Goldar

G is for Goldar, the Twin Cities across the Ice Wastes, on the crossing of the Magick Walls. These cities are of the Eldest of Elves, those who steward the world of Nirdday since long before Arrival. The domes of the twin palaces of gold and silver protect the legendary twin trees named life and wisdom. Each tree has its own queen, and they share one king. The extremely slim and tall elves of Goldar with their extended pointy ears and their eternal lifespans are dwindling in number however. No elfin lady has borne a childe since Arrival, and few elfin men have fathered a halfbreed since. What has caused this curse is unknown, but perhaps it explains why this once so powerful race now more and more hides itself behind the high magick walls, inside their cities full of mystical lusts, magick delights and abundant servants.

Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1846, of Constantinople - but it gives a nice impression of what Goldar would look like.

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