A-Z for World Nirdday: N is for Northerners, the Punishing Elves

N is for Northerners, the Northern Elves who fought the South in the first four Celestial Wars. It is said that the kings and queens of Goldar, and in fact all kings and queens of the world are descendants of these Northeners. Their powers of magick were legendary, and their enchanted creatures and sun chariots both beautiful and terrible to behold. However, some scholars say that the punishing expeditions of the Northeners were unnecessarily cruel, and unheeded for. The Southerners, who arrived early on Nirdday and had their main settlements near Cardabajo at Lago Madrid (pronounce: kar-da-Bagh-o, La-gho ma-Dreem), were probably not aware that the Northeners had not been destroyed in the Long Journey. The Southerners, sometimes named Ancient Dragons but in actuality resembling Elves or Angels, believed that they were now all alone. It was only reasonable that they would rebuild the old empire in the South, and thus it was no act of rebellion against their Lord.

Art: modified image of Gustave Dore (or one of his many students working in his  Ateliers)

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