A-Z for World Nirdday: M is for Messianist Movement

M is for the Movement, a Messianistic, very loosely organised group of individuals all involved with the ideal of changing the face of Nirdday. The movement started shortly after arrival, with the “Unknown Messiahs”, a group of inspired individuals claiming to remember many former lives. Although the Movement's tenets are freedom, liberty, beauty, fulfillment and a serfdom-free life for both Elves and the much shorter living humans, splinters of the Movement turned violent. When in 1036 the Murder of Kings was committed with soulgrinder bombs in the city of Bridges, the Movement was blamed, and consequently banned as an illegal organisation. People of the Movement, and idealists with similar ideas were prosecuted, hunted and condemned. Even now, now it is widely agreed upon that the Murder of Kings was most likely perpetrated by conspiring nobility and elements of Section V – and not by the Movement at all - the Movement itself still conjures an image of terrorism, bloodshed and violence.

Art by Raphael.

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