A-Z for World Nirdday: I is for ImperiMor

I is for ImperiMor, the Dark Empire of the East. Once its master city Capital, seat of the Godking, was master city of the entire world Nirdday. Long the Empire stretched across the world, spanning the whole North. But now only a fraction of the Old Empire is left, the seats of power splintered all over the world. Avignon and Samaris were left to the South, and Vaal was completely lost. Only ImperiMor tries to retain the old ways, the Dragon priestesses, the Dragon riders, the priests of Death named Acheron, and the secret rites of Juno Moneta, the Goddess of Money and Protection of the Soul. ImperiMor remains the most powerful nation, belligerent as ever, with many legions of trained soldiers sent all over the world – to aid in conflicts in the way they see fit. This is not always well received, however, as when former Godking Castor came to the aid of Ferdan, sparking the fourth War of Destruction.

Art: William Turner - Ovid banished from Rome, 1838

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