A-Z for World Nirdday: J is for Jubre

J is for Jubre (pronounce as Goobere, with the G guttural like Germans would say it). Jubre is a word feared, and its meaning not well known to most people. It is like a curse, which may come upon you if you call it to attention. For those in the know, Jubre is the name of a regime of fear and destruction that once ruled Nirdday before Arrival, and it is seen as the true cause of the Celestial Wars. However, it may also refer to a thick black substance found under the earth, and a state of panic and fear – a raging madness that destroys everything in its path. A sickness or plague of the soul, which may also manifest as ghostlike horrors and images of soulsucking demons. Additionally, in elfish Jubre is related to the words for blindness and what can best be translated as “the hunger of eyeless sharks”.

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