A-Z for World Nirdday: O is for Opus Dei

O is for Opus Dei, a Crosstian secret police, and personal inquisition of the Pope. It was first installed by Pope Alexander, who tried to build a counterweight to the mighty Castellan Inquisition and the Witchmasters. The headquarters of Opus Dei (“the work of God”) is just down the road from the papal palaces in Avignon, in an unassuming old convent building. However, the organisation may be one of the most effective in whole Nirdday, with agents operating everywhere. The head of the service is Inquisitor General Nicolas, one of the eldest elves, and his main force consists of dark skinned halfelves all designated with the name “Peter” and a roman numeral. All are efficient as thieves and warriors, operating for the shady side of the Church. Foreign agents are typically either travelling priests, or adventurers, who use the name of a saint as their code names when making contact. 

One agent later made famous in the Chronicles of the Children of Lilith, was code named Dismas (after the Thief crucified next to Iesu). He was actually an adventurer, master thief, and Keolandish nobleman. His co-traveller Litho de Genoa in all probability was not an Opus Dei agent, but a Paladyn from Cluny.

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