A-Z for World Nirdday: H is for Heaven

H is for Heaven, not only the name where those good of faith are supposed to go after death, nor only the name of the celestial sky from whence our peoples once came. Heaven is also the name of the secret places where a select few are reborn. Institutes of sanity and mystic wisdom, and places of rest, perhaps to end a life, certainly to start a new one. In viscous baths of organic fluid new bodies are grown to adulthood, with skin baby-soft and near devoid of body hair. Until the old body dies, these new bodies await to receive the soul that had to leave. Naturally, only the very rich and powerful secure a place in Heaven. And even then, after the shock of waking in a new body in a reincarnation bath, it may take some time before they may remember their former life.

Art note: reworked image based on cc image by Gareth & Rebekkah, crocodile baths - if that is what they really were, because we just don't know, I guess. Who knows, did the Egyptians also have reincarnation baths ;-)

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