A-Z for World Nirdday: L is for Louise von Basel

L is for Louise von Basel, the adopted daughter of Philips von Basel. Together with her also adopted brother Matthias von Basel she inherited the largest share of the doomstone mines, and she is now regarded as the most important of the Lords of Five. Against all expectation she did not turn her legacy into a grand fortune, owning the most profitable mines in the world, but instead she decided to close them down, thus causing an instant famine of doomstone used in weapon production. Her rationale is that the doomstone is an absolute life threat to the populace, causing vampyrism and insanity. But with the doomstone production halted, the doomstone certificates used widely in financial speculation also lost their value, and this aggravated the financial crisis in Ferdan. Now Louise von Basel travels the world, trying to solve the web of debts that strangles both her Emperor, and virtually all nobles of Ferdan. She is regarded as a hero by the common folk, but she has many enemies too, saying that her red hair will soon turn doomstone green – as she tries to keep all doomstone for herself.

Art by me

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