Adventure Shorts #0: Challenge Accepted

On extremely short notice I decided to join the crazy challenge to write up twenty five short adventure seeds in one month, tossed up by Asshat Paladins. But as there will be many more around I decided that the ideas should be useful not as complete adventures, but as parts you can insert into any session. A sort of mini-adventures that could play out in between one and four hours, depending upon what you make of it. With some luck, you should be able to actually use them!

Each short consists of a three sentence primer, to wet your appetite and give a situation scetch. Then there are three possible outcomes (“what may happen next”), which you can combine or choose from at will. And finishing the format is a monster block, with a short description of the featured creature, with both OSR* and Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition statistics.

To make the challenge a bit easier for me, or perhaps harder as you will, I decided to use the random monster tables from Moldvay Basic D&D as a guide. And the ten different adventure types mentioned in the same book. Ik took the tables, combined, and thus arrived at the following list.

Acolyte Explore Unknown
Bandit Investigate Chaos
Fire Beetle Recover Ruins
Dwarf Destroy Ancient Evil
Gnome Visit Lost Shrine
Goblin Fulfil Quest
Green Slime Escape from Enemy
Halfling Rescue Prisoner
Killer Bee Use Magic Portal
Kobold Find Lost Race
Gecko Explore Unknown
Orc Fulfil Quest
Giant Shrew Investigate Chaos
Skeleton Escape Enemies
Cobra Recover Ruins
Spider Rescue Prisoners
Sprite Destroy Ancient Evil
Stirge Use Portal
Trader Visit Lost Shrine
Wolf Find Lost Race
Ghoul Use Portal
Lizard Man Escape Enemies
Rock Baboon Visit Shrine
Zombie Destroy Evil
Crystal Statue Investigate Chaos

Now all I have to do is fill in the blanks... have fun with the series! 

*OSR statistics should be useful for Labyrinth Lord, or any other OSR game, even if these may differ on many points. Change stats as you need and see fit.

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