Adventure Shorts #10: The Dog People under the Stairs

-->“Under the stairs of the castle, there is a small door. And this small door leads to a small corridor, which leads to a twisted small maze. It is the maze of the dog people, and it is these people that have stolen the burghermasters childe.”

What may occur next:
  • The burghermaster of a local town ask the heroes to recover his lost toddler. His son was playing in the old borough castle, when the au pair lost him, and heard him cry under the stairs. When she tried to recover him, she could not. He was gone, and there was only a small door, less than two foot high.
  • Behind the door is a maze under the stairs, of tunnels big and small. Deep below there live the dog people, a foot high, whispering, afraid of the light. They have kidnapped the child, perhaps to eat it in a ritual.
  • The dog kobold people actually took the Burghermaster's son because they believe he is their future king. They intend to crown him and raise him until he can speak their language well. The toddler himself was just playing with his new friends, but perhaps now he is afraid. It might take some convincing, and a dog kobold translator, to get the child back.

Dog Kobold
Dog kobolds are small, doglike men, just a foot tall. They speak a whispering, barking language of their own, and are quite intelligent. However, they are very secretive, distrustful of men, afraid of the light, and frightening to behold. They wield little weapons, and when forced, they may gang up on larger foes.

OSR: AC 7, HD 1/2, Dam 1d4, Move 120', Save: F0, #app 2d6+3
DD2: leather armour (armour class 1-1 for size = 0), little spear 2 (weapon 1), stealth 3

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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