Adventure Shorts #4: The Black Dwarf

When the Augsburgers started to mine more silver from one of the deeper mines in Goslar, they struck on a deep, dark underground complex. A horrible stench rose, and in the weeks that followed many of the workers in the area had terrifying nightmares and they died. All of the victims were cut to pieces with a mighty axe.

What may occur next:
  • The heroes are asked to solve the riddle and clear the mine – at their price.
  • The stinking mineshaft is occupied by dark dwarves, half undead, twisted guardians of the silver. They come out at night and ravage the surrounding area.
  • The mine itself contains poisonous ore, which eventually turns those that die there into the dark guardian dwarves. The silver mined there may thus be useless – or worse, deadly.

Black Dwarf
Legend tells that black dwarves were once normal dwarves of the bravest kind. When they descended into the darkest and deepest mines however, they met something horrible and poisonous that turned them into creatures of twisted evil. Malign, cruel, murderous, lusting for death they come out of their holes at night to maim and kill.

OSR: AC 4, HD 1+1, Dam 1d6+1, Move 60', Save: F3, #app 1d6+1
DD2: chain mail (armour 2+1 for CON), axe 4 (weapon 2), shield 3, or twohanded axe 4 (weapon class 3), stealth 4

Poisonous Ore
Poisonous ore comes in many kinds, the most notorious being Doomstone. Anyone in prolonged contact with the ores containing the poisonous metals and substances typically falls ill, with heavy coughing, throwing up of blood, weakness, and eventually death. Some ores however affect the demeanor, and turn the poisoned miners or adventurers into evil madness. The worst kind kills, and then turns the victim undead.

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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