Adventure Shorts #8: Half Sized Rescue Team

“All you have to do, is help us find our thief companion and help him escape from his cell” the leader said. “But we must all join in the adventure”, he added. The leader and his ten one meter tall fellows eyeballed the heroes from below.

What may occur next:
  • The heroes are stuck with eleven halflings who want to rescue their wrongfully impisoned fellow from a local prison, to complete their dirty dozen. It is a quest they are fulfilling, they say, and have to travel on – perhaps to some distant vulcano. They will help with a plan and physically will join in the rescue and any diversions.
  • The halflings do offer some reward, but they are mostly nagging, comical and bumbling company. And if they cause extra troubles for the heroes, they typically hide and escape for themselves.
  • The fellow halfling is imprisoned by the imperial guard. And it was not wrongful. He did steal the crownjewels of the Empress. And freeing him will make the heroes accomplices.

Halflings are a race of humanlike men, just three feet tall. They have hairy feet, stealthy walk, a keen sense of smell, a lust for good food, and sometimes a sense of adventure. Most however are somewhat lazy, and see more enjoyment in gardening and pipe smoking.

OSR: AC 7, HD 1-1, Dam 1d6-1, Move 90', Save: F3, #app 3d6
DD2: plain clothes (armour class 0), dex 3, stealth 3, dagger or short sword 3 (weapon class 1)

Gammy Zevsky
Gammy is only half size, wearing unassuming glasses on his nose, and he is always nagging about something. But his deeds are of reknown. He is one of the finest thieves and adventurers of the empire, with some exploits others can only dream about. His most famous mission was to locate the fabled Dwimmermount, and actually descend down into its deepest depths. There he recovered the third part of the legendary ring of Ahwasar. Whether he still holds it, or whether it changed owners during a typical halfling bickering and gambling session is a well kept secret.

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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