Adventure Shorts #1: The Secret Priesthood

The heroes travel into a formerly inaccessible valley along a caravan route. To their surprise there are traces of civilisation, a simple road, worked fields, and something resembling an old temple complex. When the heroes approach, they suddenly find themselves surrounded... by armed women.

What may occur next:

  • The women are priestesses, or more specific, acolytes of a long lost order. They have hidden in the valley for over a decade, away from civilisation, until now.
  • The priestesses find the secrecy of their order is in jeopardy, and they capture the heroes, contemplating to sacrifice them to keep their secret.
  • Some of the priestesses believe one of the heroes may be a messiah, one who gives the sign to break their secrecy according to an old prophecy

Acolyte of the Moon Valley
The armed sisters of the Moon Valley carry long maces and are clad in heavy metal armour. They train to protect their unarmed sisters and brothers, and the temple against intruders. The sisters of the Moon Valley believe that their valley is the place where humans first came to earth, and that it is also the place from whence they will leave again.

OSR: AC 2, HD 1, Dam 1d6, Move 60', Save: C1, #app 1d10
DD2: chain and plate (armour 3), heavy mace 4 (weapon 2), shield 3 (medium +2 on defense)

Mace of the Moon
The mace of the moon is kept at the lost temple in the Moon Valley, safe from mankind. Its head is made of moonstone, enchanted by its stellar journey many ages ago. If the mace strikes any undead creature, it may produce a flash of moonlight (1 in 6) which is so strong that it destroys the lesser undead, and stuns the stronger kind. Unfortunately it may also blind an unprepared attacker.

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow.

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