Adventure Shorts #000: A Little Survey of the Entries So far, Pt II

About a week ago, I surveyed the first twelve participants in Asshat Paladins Blog Challenge for september: to write up 25 (twenty-five) short adventures and publish them this september. This post I'll deal with the other twelve - at least for what's on their blogs for the challenge so far.

Tower of the Archmage is kinda on schedule, and posts fantasy adventures seeds to "bring characters from levels 1 to 25 in 25 adventures". I wouldn't want to go that fast, but it's a good way to string adventures together. The seeds are short and scetchy. Somewhat too scetchy to my tastes in some cases. In general however these are nice, funny and original story lines.

Blood & Iron's shorts are more like combat encounters in a continuing story, written up in film script style. Stats are for an as of yet unfinished system, which means that you will have to make up for yourself how you implement them.

...and the sky full of dust took up the challenge describing a special room in a dungeon for each short. The rooms are connected. Very basic.

The Armchair General has 3.5 d20 adventure shorts that are really short. So short in fact that they are often too scetchy for me, but there is also some evocative imagery in them, setting off your imagination. The 3.5 system mention is actually moot, because there are no stats. You can implement for any system.

There's a Bugbear in My Kitchen just had to join, he says. But he's only at five now, and we're past half of the month. The shorts are nice, short and original and for several settings and systems. Keep it up Jeff!

For a Fistful of Coppers likes criminals and weird westerns, it seems. Three heists and three strange western tales so far. Nicely original and not too long.

Places to Go, People to Be seems to have forgotten about the challenge. Or someone else posted the linky for Herb.

Dreams in the Lich House is proliferous, and offers almost complete campaign ideas in each nugget. They have a high fantasy feel and should be easily implemented in any fantasy system, including OSR style games. You'll have to do some homework to use some of them, but all in all it's very good stuff!

Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity features a connected Traveller series of adventure shorts, with a high mobster content. All are set on the same world.

The Dwarven Stronghold has hammered out and thoroughly built "Get Ready! Get Set! Go!"- adventures, with a dwarven flavour. Boric works hard, confronts writers block, and even publishes some full fledged NPC sheets on the side. Nice.

Ramblings of a Great Khan also seems to have forgotten about the challenge. Where are they, Jagatai?

Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition is my own set of creations. That's pretty hard to judge by myself, naturally, but I'll have a go. Compared to some of the others the fantasy seeds are short and scetchy, sometimes a bit too scetchy. But, this series is the only one with original artworks for each and every short. Also - again unique - each short has more than one possible outcome, making the seed useable even if your players have also read them.

Have fun looking around! My favorites this time around are Tower of the Archmage, The Dwarven Stronghold, my own Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition - and my absolute favorite of all twentyfour so far is Dreams in the Lich House. Cheers!

As a PS on sept 18th: The Lost Papers of Tsojcant are still lost - if it's about the challenge. It's kind of silent there. Everything okay? Crazy GM obviously was not okay, as he went into hospital while I was doing my former part of the survey. This might explain why Cthulhu has not bee willing for seeds to appear on his blog yet. All the best to you both, Crazy GM and Lost Papers!

And Servitor Ludi - you keep amazing me...


  1. Hey, I'm on schedule. 25 adventures by the end of April. I'll even have a day to spare! ;-)

    As for 25 levels in 25 adventures? I wouldn't want to go that fast either. I was thinking that each of these would spawn further adventures, or have dungeon crawls between them. My goal was more to give an adventure seed for each level from 1-25, rather than have 25 adventures that'll get you to level... 3-5.

    As for their length, yeah, kinda sketchy, kinda short. I'd live to take the time to really flesh some of them out, but right now, I don't have that time. Maybe later?

    Anyway, I really appreciate that you've taken the time to review each of the different contributors, and I'm glad you've liked mine.

  2. September, not April... I've been doing that ALL MONTH! And I have no idea why!!

  3. Thanks for the review and the feedback! I feel honored to be a "favorite," especially to be mentioned in the same breath as Dark Dungeons, Tower of the Archmage, and Lich House. Wow.

    I don't know how you have time to even read these, let alone review them. I haven't hit my usual blog-roll reading since the start of September (partly because I don't want to unconsciously copy something without attribution, but mostly because I just don't have the TIME to do it all). Kudos to you for being able to do that, and do it so objectively.

    I'll be glad when September is over and I can go back and peruse ALL the offerings at leisure. Now, where did I leave that d20?