Adventure Shorts #13: The Horror in the Sewers

“It's just that I cannot sleep at night because of the noise they make”, the innkeeper complained ”So I hope you not like them last exterminators. Them no goods just went down and didn't come back!”

What may occur next:
  • There is a giant rodent, or a giant shrew, in the sewer under the inn, and it ate the last exterminator party.
  • The animal was changed by Mede the Micromancer, and the artefact that turned the shrew into a giant shrew is still lying somewhere in the sewer. It can reverse the effect if another charge is applied. Or make someone else giant on the first applied charge. There are 1d6 charges left in the little staff.
  • The shrew is protecting a nest of little giant shrews. The mother shrew just protects her nest. Maybe someone like Mede the Micromancer might want to buy the little ones – for experiments. Moral dilemma or commercial opportunity?

Giant Shrew
Sometimes encountered in the lost valleys, but more often near mining areas, the twisted giant shrews prefer to live underground in damp tunnels and caves. Full grown animals may be up to eight feet from head to tail, but in general they eschew humans who travel in larger groups.

OSR: AC 4, HD 2 (mother HD 3, children HD 1), Dam 1d6, Move 180', Save: F1, #app 1d10
DD2: Dex 5, bite 4 (weapon class 1, or 2 for a mother animal)

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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  1. The Micromancer... a new NPC class... or an explanation for all of the "Giant X" entries in the Monster Manual? :-)