Adventure Shorts #25: Mede's Microcrystal Monster

Mede the Micromancer once again invites the heroes to admire his newest magick finds. He leads them to a grotto where a ten foot high statue of a demon has been crafted from the stalagmites. “It's a present for the duke” Mede explains, “and I want you to help protect and transport it to him”

What may occur next:
  • The crystal statue is rather big and heavy to carry, and although the reward Mede promises is good, it will be a challenge to move the crystal demon idol anywhere.
  • Forgetful Mede may provide the heroes with a special mycrocrystal spell scroll that can shrink the statue to a nice transportable size and weight. But the transformation will not last, and might wear off too early if the transport is delayed. And then there are all sorts of officials who hinder the heroes on their way to the king.
  • The crystal demon is not just a lifeless statue. It will come alive and move to attack once it is delivered to the king. Mede may or may not have been aware of this fact.

Crystal Demon Statue
Crystaline life forms are very rare, but most of them may be found in the Castellan deserts. There something in the soil gives the sands and minerals a life of their own. Most crystal life forms resemble animals, human statues or demons. But in theory they may take any form. Most crystalines are peaceful, and may even remain unmoving for weeks on end. Others may seem animated by malevolent demons.

OSR: AC 3, HD 4, Dam 2d6, Move 90', Save: F3, #app 1d6-3
DD2: heavy crystal skin (armour class 3), crystal fist 6 (weapon class 3), may appear inanimate

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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