Adventure Shorts #14: That Haunted Night

“We should never have come up here”, she panted. The attic of the old house moaned on all sides. And there they came up the stairs, crawling with their twisted nails, an evil glow in their hollow eyesockets: these were the wicked dead.

What may occur next:
  • When exploring an old manor away from civilisation, perhaps to stay the night, perhaps to reclaim it, perhaps to look for left treasure, the heroes get trapped in a hell hole full of undead. Dark colored skeletons come to unlife and attack from all sides.
  • The heroes have to fight, or run for their lives, as there are far to many of the undead at once. And maybe some cannot be harmed except by magickal weaponry.
  • The heroes receive help from a lone hero priest, who can also throw magic missiles against undead while loudly reciting prayers.

Animated Skeleton
Generally it is believed that undead, animated skeletons were created by foul necromancy during the Third Celestial War. But these wicked dead are also often found near mining areas and ancient temples, as if come alive due to a curse on the soil itself. Their bones are sometimes brittle, sometimes almost of hard stone. Their want to kill is without mercy or semblance of fear. They will not stop until destroyed.

OSR: AC 7, HD 1, Dam 1d6, Move 60', Save: F1, #app 2d6+1, undead, will not flee unless turned
DD2: tough bone (armour class 1), claw and bite 3 (weapon class 1), cause fear 3, undead

Update: You can find all shorts of this series and more in Unpleasant Encounters at RPGNow

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