Adventure Shorts #00: A Little Survey of the Entries so Far, Part I...

So I may be up to date with my posts on the adventure challenge, but how are others doing? And what kind of adventure nuggets are you writing out there? While Asshat is working on his deck, I thought I'd have a preliminary look myself. Here's a little impression of the first 12 challenge participants.

Asshat Paladins himself is well on to schedule, and has some easy to read fantasy role playing and problem solving encounters. Most involve a single twist, and all have a photograph to get you in the mood. Yes, you set the good example.

Netherwerks seems to have a taste for more violent encounters, if possible with a Mutant Future monster and a nagging non player character.

Mutants & Magic is somewhat slower in producing material. Times for the adventurers seem to be tough here - short on dough and food. Simple encounters with a nice twist.

Weekend Wizardry likes to build plots around magic items or magic situations. I liked these simple not neccesarily violent mysteries.

Chronicles of Ganth runs a maze with a Labyrinth Lord, with each implementation of the series being a room, or set of rooms. Usually with a demonic entity in them. Very much old style, almost like Judges Guild stuff from days of yore.

Porky's Expanse hurts my mind. But it also tickles it. The shorts are not exactly short, and they're more like connected encounter situations. Both for fantasy and sci-fi.

Servitor Ludi presents some really nice brainstorms. I liked this one most in this sample. Each short is more of a starting situation for a complete adventure, with some nice twists built in. Rakshahshas having taken over a casino, cool...

Lost Papers of Tsojcanth. Maybe my feed is awry, but to me any adventure shorts were just as lost as the papers themselves. Looking forward to #1.

Lunching on Lamias also has a few starting up problems. When I looked, there was just one very simple seed, albeit a very poetic one.

Mithril & Mages presents a few Boot Hill situations - also usably in fantasy in my opinion by the way. And there's a military streak here. I wonder why.

Crazy GM. Well, here again my powers of observation may be lacking. But I could only find a template for whats to come. Still waiting for #1 here too.

The Secret GM also produces a bit less fast. But these adventure shorts are again not really short. They are pretty good though, with some extra suggestions on how to role play and use the ideas. I especially favor the John Carpenter's "The Thing"-like Border Collie scenario.

That's the first week of the first half! More impressions to come. My favorites this round are Weekend Wizardry, Servitor Ludi and The Secret GM. But actually there is a lot of good stuff out there. Nice! Keep up the writing :-)

As a PS on sept 18th: The Lost Papers of Tsojcant are still lost - if it's about the challenge. It's kind of silent there. Everything okay? Crazy GM obviously was not okay, as he went into hospital while I was doing my former part of the survey. This might explain why Cthulhu has not bee willing for seeds to appear on his blog yet. All the best to you both, Crazy GM and Lost Papers!


  1. Thanks for the quick run-down. I'm behind but I expected I would be. Eventually I want to go read all the other entries. Likely won't happen until October.

  2. Thanks for the mention -- glad you liked the "Thing" adaptation!

    I'm enjoying your adventures as well -- great stuff!